Watch Marilyn Manson fall off stage during show in Virginia

It's the latest episode in a tour of mishaps for The God of Fuck

Marilyn Manson fell off stage during his gig in Bristow, Virginia last night.

The 47-year-old vocalist is currently on a co-headline tour of the US with Slipknot, but the venture has seen controversy follow Manson around on a number of occasions.

As Alternative Nation reports, Manson was filmed by a concertgoer last night during the tour’s stop in Bristow, Virigina falling off stage while performing his 1996 single ‘The Beautiful People’. As the footage in the below clip of the venue’s big screen testifies, Manson was rolling around on the very edge of the stage before seemingly losing his balance as he then fell, causing him to stop singing briefly. His band played on as Manson was then helped to his feet by a security guard, before the vocalist resumed singing.

Watch the fan-shot clip below.

YouTube user austin4x, who filmed the moment, wrote in the accompanying caption that Manson was “obviously inebriated”, and confirmed that he “could barely understand anything [Manson] said all night. [The] show seemed like one long temper tantrum from start to finish with 10 minute breaks between every song. Thank the metal gods that Slipknot came out and absolutely killed it afterwards. So sad to see him in this shape.”

Indeed, this isn’t the first unfortunate incident to befall Manson on this co-headline tour. During another performance of ‘The Beautiful People’ in Hershey, PA on July 10, Manson was first filmed incoherently moaning into the microphone and swaying before then being caught on camera telling a member of the stage crew that “I don’t want to fall onto my dick with that cord, so can you fix it please? And don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.”

Watch those two clips below.

Before the tour kicked off, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed how his band once had a competition with Manson to “freak the other act out” during a 2001 tour.