Justin Bieber sells old Marilyn Manson T-shirt as his own merchandise for £150

Manson gives his permission for Bieber to ‘reinterpret’ his old tour T-shirt.

Justin Bieber is selling an old Marilyn Manson T-shirt as his own merchandise at high-end New York department store Barney’s.

The T-shirt is a relatively plain one of Manson’s face with his name changed to Mar1lyn Man50n on the front. Bieber has changed the back of the T-shirt to read “Bigger than Satan – Bieber” with Bieber written in goth metal script.

The radically reworked design is on sale at Barney’s for $195 (£148).


Manson recently gave his permission to Bieber’s merchandise designer Jerry Lorenzo of designers Fear Of God to “reinterpret” Manson’s old T-shirts.

Lorenzo wrote on Instagram: “Thank you Marilyn Manson for signing off on the ‘Bigger Than Satan’ JB T-shirt. Thanks for understanding our approach and reinterpreting your vision. I never would have thought that printing on my vintage T-shirt collection would take me this far.”

The original Manson design can be bought for £10.

While Bieber is selling his own Marilyn Manson T-shirt, Manson also wore a Bieber T-shirt on tour in February. Bieber posted a selfie with Manson on his Instagram page on a night out in Los Angeles in March.

Manson announced yesterday (July 19) that his new album ‘Say10’ will be released on Valentine’s Day in 2017.