Marilyn Manson removes his make-up in tribute to HBO’s ‘Eastbound & Down’

Goth rocker dresses up as failed baseball star Kenny Powers in one-off photograph

Marilyn Manson has removed his make-up in tribute to the lead character from his favourite TV show Eastbound & Down.

A photograph of the singer, which has been published in Interview magazine, depicts the goth rocker as the HBO comedy series’ main character Kenny Powers, a washed-up baseball star.

Marilyn Manson, he’s fucking obsessed with the show,” said series co-director David Gordon Green. “He goes so far as to dress up like Kenny.”

“Whenever I see Manson, he’s repeating entire chunks of dialogue and dressed like Kenny,” added director Adam Bhala Lough. “He just walks around dressed like this and fucks with people on the street. If a waiter or valet tells him, ‘Have a nice day’, he’ll respond, ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ Stuff like that.”

Manson is currently working on his feature film, Splatter Sisters, with the pair – it’s due out next year.

The film, which also stars Evan Rachel Wood, is the first in a planned franchise of sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movies inspired by horror classics from the 1980s.

“[Manson‘s] character is named Lars, the leader of a death metal band,” Lough added. “He places two beautiful, young drifter girls under mind control to commit heinous acts of murder across the West Coast.”