It's the season of goodwill - but pop stars are queuing up to have a pop at each other...

MARILYN MANSON has become the latest high-profile star to kick off a feud with a fellow musician having taken aim at MOBY.

In a statement issued through his record company Nothing Records/Interscope at the weekend (December 1), Manson labelled Moby a “TV-commercial soundtracker” before offering to have him beat up.

The bad feeling stems from an article run in the New York Post earlier last week when Moby was quoted speaking out against the onstage violence that capped Manson’s performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom on November 25. During the show’s destructive finale, Manson’s drummer Ginger broke his collarbone.


“It was disgusting. I’m waiting to see if the police want witnesses. That kind of violence is totally unnecessary onstage,” he was quoted as saying.

Despite the fact that quote was several years old and made after Moby witnessed violence at the end of a Marilyn Manson show in 1996 (when Ginger was knocked out by a flying microphone stand), Manson was still enraged.

“On my stage that kind of violence is completely necessary. It’s just unfortunate that Moby wasn’t injured.”

Manson added: “My drummer has offered to beat him with his good arm.”