The dark one is forced to issue an alternative cover to 'Holy Wood...'...

MARILYN MANSON has seen the artwork of new album ‘HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH)’ banned from two large retail chains in the US, forcing an alternate cover.

The Circuit City and Best Buy outlets have slammed the controversial cover, which sees Manson in a harrowing crucifixion pose and refused to stock it. But the news has not angered or surprised the satanist star.

“The irony is that my point of the photo on the album was to show people that the crucifixion of Christ is, indeed, a violent image,” he said. “In fact, the picture itself is composed of a statue of Jesus taken from a place of worship. My jaw is missing as a symbol of this very kind of censorship. This doesn’t piss me off as much as it pleases me, because those offended by my album cover have successfully proven my point.”

The album is released in the US tomorrow, (November 14), a day later after today’s UK unveiling.

Meanwhile, fans who go to Manson’s website [url=] can now discover details of how to win tickets for his one-off acoustic show in New York tomorrow night.