In election week, the dark one chooses to make a highly controversial political statement...

MARILYN MANSON closed his show in ATLANTA on US election night (November 7) by burning the US flag onstage.

The singer made his highly controversial statement about the state of US politics without saying a word. Grabbing the stars and stripes from the back of the stage, he placed it a microphone stand, soaked it with what appeared to be lighter fuel and set it alight. While the audience at the Atlanta Tabernacle roared their approval, Manson gave a one-armed salute before leaving the stage.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Manson had voiced support for Republican candidate Senator George W Bush. He claimed to be drawn to the conservative Bush as Senator Joe Lieberman, the running mate of Democrat Al Gore, was an avowed and vocal Manson-hater.


As the outcome of the election still hangs in the balance with a new president to be chosen by a matter of several hundred votes in Florida (a result coming possibly later today, November 9), significantly the Anti-Christ superstar takes his Guns, God and Government tour to the Hard Rock Live in Orlanda, Florida tonight.

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