Marilyn Manson records cover of David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Cat People’

The track will be made available as part of a Moroder tribute album

Marilyn Manson has recorded a cover of David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder’s 1982 single ‘Cat People’.

The track is set to feature as part of a tribute compilation to seminal Italian disco pioneer Moroder entitled ‘Countach (For Giorgio)’ – due for release on February 26.

Country singer Brandi Carlile and astronaut Richard Garriott de Cayeux are also credited on the tracklisting, as reported by Rolling Stone. The project has been helmed by country rocker Shooter Jennings – who first announced plans for the record back in 2014.


Manson’s take on the track – originally penned by Moroder as the theme song for the 1982 movie of the same name – is yet to be revealed, however you can hear the original version below.

‘Countach (for Giorgio)’ tracklist:

‘From Here To Eternity’
‘I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone’
‘Born To Die (feat. Steve Young)’
‘Chase (feat. Richard Garriott de Cayeux)’
‘Love Kills’
‘The Neverending Story (feat. Brandi Carlile)’
‘Cat People (feat. Marilyn Manson)’