All the latest on 'Holy Wood' plus news of the dark one's tour plans...

Marilyn Manson has revealed he will release third album ‘HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH)’ through NOTHING/INTERSCOPE on November 14 in the US and a day earlier in the UK.

Speaking during an interview broadcast on his official site [url=]www.marilynmanson.net , Manson also revealed the band would kick off their world tour in Minneapolis on October 27. As previously mooted, ‘Disposable Teens’ will be the first single, though no release date has been announced.

During one of two web addresses currently on his site, the antichrist superstar described ‘Holy Wood’ as being an album about “revolution” inspired by assassinated US president John F Kennedy, John Lennon and Jesus Christ.


“The name of ‘Holy Wood’ people assume is an attack on Hollywood – but because entertainment is being attacked it was important for me to look at where the violence really comes from,” he said. “On a deeper level, it’s an irony that Christ was crucified on the wood of the tree of knowledge. I think that says a lot about how far we’ve come and at the same time how little we’ve accomplished.”

The avowed Satanist went on: “Throughout the years I wanted to disbelieve that story, but I thought on this record it would be more interesting to open my mind and believe it on my own terms. He was the first celebrity, the first rock star.”

Manson added that he also dealt with Kennedy’s 1963 assassination and the murder of John Lennon. ‘Lamb Of God’ from the new album deals specifically with the former Beatle and his death.

Turning 30 has also obviously been something of a landmark for the singer. He said he was becoming obsessed with 1969, the year of his birth and felt the end of both the ’60s and the ’90s to be significant cultural explosions.

Also revealed on the site was a new photograph of the entire band and the news that The Union Underground and Godhead are confirmed as support for the first half of the upcoming tour, while Cold and Godhead will lend support on the second half.

Further details and tour locations will be announced soon.

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