... by actually agreeing with them over preventing a screening of a new film about him...

Marilyn Manson has acted to prevent the public screening of an unauthorised film biography about him.

The star threatened legal action against the producers of ‘Demystifying The Devil, An Unauthorized Biography On Marilyn Manson’ at the New York Independent Film And Video Festival earlier this week (September 26). According to Australian website [url=], lawyers for Manson notified producers objecting to a public screening claming it infringed his rights.

However, fans will not have to wait too long to see just what upset the Antichrist Superstar so much. The film is released on DVD both in the US and the UK on November 6.

Meanwhile, Manson’s recently-revealed cover art for new album ‘Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)’ has yet to ruffle feathers.

It had been anticipated that the Fundamental and Christian groups in the US and UK would be up in arms as the picture portrays a crucified torso of Manson replete with stigmata holes in his hands and side, and a crown of thorns.