Marilyn Manson says he was banned from Coachella

He's set to join Japanese metal band X Japan at the festival this weekend

Marilyn Manson has claimed that he was once banned from Coachella.

The shock-rocker took to Instagram last night (April 17) to announce that he will be joining Japanese metal band X Japan for their set at the second weekend of Coachella this coming Saturday (April 21).

Manson has since elaborated on Twitter, tweeting that the group’s drummer and leader Yoshiki had extended the invitation, before teasing: “You don’t want to miss this one”.


He also suggested that he was once barred from the California festival, saying: “I never thought I would play at a festival I was banned from”.

Manson hasn’t explained why he was allegedly banned from Coachella, and NME has approached the festival for further comment.

See Manson’s Instagram and Twitter posts in full below.

Marilyn Manson made headlines in February when he ended a show abruptly after suffering an apparent onstage meltdown.


Manson was performing in Huntington, New York on February 15, with reports suggesting that the shock-rocker delivered a several incoherent rants while his band improvised before dropping his microphone after only a handful of songs. Fans then started chanting “Fuck you Manson” after he left the stage.

“I wish I could say last night’s show was amazing, but it was just awful,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Manson came out with a bang but the whole thing deteriorated very quickly… It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert I’ve ever been to”.

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