Marilyn Manson reveals what “ruined” his only encounter with David Bowie

Manson says 'Twin Peaks' actress Lara Flynn Boyle "fucked with" his "Bowie moment"

Marilyn Manson has recalled meeting David Bowie, claiming that Twin Peaks actress Lara Flynn Boyle “ruined” the encounter for him.

Speaking to Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, Manson explained that he met Bowie backstage at a show in Santa Barbara in 2004 during “the last tour he did before he died”.

“I remember he grabbed my tie and said, ‘Oh, Hedi Slimane’, because he knew the designer of the tie,” Manson recalled. “I was all excited. I felt like I was going to pee in my pants like a little girl.”


“Then Lara Flynn Boyle came in and ruined it, started yelling about cocaine and toilets and I don’t know what else… She was really overwhelming and it was fucking with my Bowie moment. I wanted her to be a boil and I’d pop it, lance it.”

Manson went on to say that Boyle has “become a really scary person if you ever look her up”, comparing her to the man who had plastic surgery to look like a tiger.

“Google her face, just Google her face. When you Google it, it will answer all your questions,” Manson said.

Listen here from the 38 minute mark.

Manson has covered David Bowie in the past, saying that the star “changed” his life forever.


Marilyn Manson recently released his tenth studio album ‘Heaven Upside Down’.

Last month, he was hospitalised after a stage prop fell on him during a gig in New York.