Watch Marilyn Manson force a fan to take off his Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt after inviting him on stage

The moment occurred during his recent performance at the Spanish staging of Download Festival in Madrid

Footage of Marilyn Manson repeatedly asking one of his fans to take off their Avenged Sevenfold shirt after he invited them up on stage has surfaced online – see the clip below.

The moment occurred during Manson’s recent performance at the Spanish staging of Download Festival in Madrid on June 28, where he played before that night’s headliners, Avenged Sevenfold.

During his set, Manson invited a group of fans up on stage. While the reason for this move was unclear, a poster on Reddit claimed that the artist had been booed by a large section of the crowd for the first 30 minutes of his set because “almost everyone was there just because Avenged Sevenfold [were] next.”

Marilyn Manson

As he gathered the fans in a line, he first ushered the fan who was wearing the Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt away after he went in for a hug, before then telling him: “You should take your shirt off.”

“That’s not my band,” Manson told the fan. “It’s a different band. You can wear that flag [that the fan was carrying] instead of that shirt.”

He then continued to request that the fan remove his Avenged Sevenfold tee as “it’s not my band”. The fan eventually acquiesced, removing his shirt to cheers from the audience as he then covered himself with the Peruvian flag.

Watch the moment unfold below.

Late last month, Manson shared the video for his cover of the Lost Boys theme song ‘Cry Little Sister’.