Marilyn Manson says a fan tried to “bite me on the dick” during a recent show

Manson tells story to Marc Maron during his 'WTF' podcast episode

Marilyn Manson has told a story about how a fan attempted to “bite hard” on his penis while he was performing during a recent live show.

Manson appears on the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. During the hour-long chat, the shock-rocker discusses what “ruined” his only encounter with David Bowie and more.

He also explained why he sings with his left hand despite being right-handed, saying: “because I used to have to catch bottles being thrown at me. I still have the dexterity of having to keep track of not being hit by bottles.”


Asked whether he still gets bottles thrown at him, Manson replied: “Every now and then.” He went on to recall the recent “dick biting” incident.

“Someone bit me on the dick at my last show,” Manson said. “I jumped into the barricade and I was singing to the crowd. I can’t remember what city it was. It might have been somewhere in upper eastern Europe.”

“Someone bit hard onto where my dick is. They didn’t get the dick but they got the part of the pant where the dick belongs. But my dick ducked, it swerved like a Matrix dick.”

“They wouldn’t let go,” he added. “I had to point my microphone at them because my microphone is actually a knuckle duster. I had to point it at the girl biting my dick.”

Manson continued: “She had glasses on. My mother, god rest her soul, always said ‘don’t hit a girl with glasses’. If she had got foreskin, I would have really got upset. It would have hurt one of us, someone would have walked out there in pain.”


Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Manson “flicked” a journalist in the testicles during a recent interview.

Marilyn Manson released his tenth studio album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ last week (October 6).

Last month, he was hospitalised after a stage prop fell on him during a gig in New York.