Marilyn Manson interrupts interview to ‘flick journalist’s testicles’

Manson also pulled out a fake gun during a recent interview

Marilyn Manson reportedly “flicked” a journalist in the testicles during a recent interview, attempting to convey a point about the difference between his stage persona and real life self.

The shock-rocker’s 10th studio album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ is due out on October 6. He’s already released a video for lead single ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live’ and a synth-pop leaning track called ‘KILL4ME’.

During a recent interview with Manson, The Guardian‘s Alexis Petridis describes the testicle-flicking incident.

“It is while discussing the difference between his stage persona and his day-to-day life that Marilyn Manson leans over and flicks me in the testicles,” Petridis writes. “This comes as quite a surprise: I have encountered a lot of unusual things as a journalist, but have thus far managed to get by without an interviewee touching my genitals. More surprising still is that leaning over and flicking my testicles appears to form part of his answer to a question about whether he has ever felt consumed by the character he created a quarter of a century ago, in the same way that Bowie struggled to separate himself from Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke. Certainly, the way he says: ‘That’s the difference!’ immediately afterwards suggests it is, but I’m not sure.”

Petridis continues: “For one thing, I’m distracted by my sore testicles, and, for another, I wasn’t really following his line of argument at the time. First, he took my notepad, wrote ‘person’ on it and added an ‘a’ at the end. ‘I’m this and I’m this,’ he says. ‘A person and a persona. But I can’t really divide the two. There’s a difference on the stage; people I don’t know I just seduce, in a lot of ways. You go offstage and people … even me and you now, talking …’ His voice trails off and, while I’m trying to work out whether he has just said he does inhabit a different persona on stage he flicks me in the testicles. It’s all a bit peculiar, but then the interview has been peculiar from the minute I stepped into the Berlin hotel suite where Manson is receiving the press.”

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson

Petridis later tweeted of the incident: “I met the great Marilyn Manson. We talked, drank, he flicked me in the testicles and suggested we wrestle”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Petridis describes how Manson pulled out a fake gun upon greeting him. He writes: “I’ve not been warned that Manson will be hiding behind his hotel room door, from where he will jump out – black-clad, in full slap – pointing a gun at the back of my neck. Not, it transpires, a real gun, but a realistic enough replica for me to greet him with a startled bark of, ‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ rather than the more traditional ‘hello’. Manson laughs, shakes my hand and asks if I’d like a beer.”

Manson graces the cover of this week’s NME magazine, out nationwide from Friday (September 22). You can pick up a copy from any of the places listed here, or subscribe here to have it delivered to your door.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson has hinted that he might be interested in collaborating with Justin Bieber in the near future.

The two artists recently ended their year-long feud, which was resolved after Bieber reached out to Manson following the latter’s comments that Bieber was “a piece of shit”.

After seeing Manson’s comments, Bieber sent a number of texts to the 48-year-old apologising for the furore that had been caused after he had worn a piece of re-purposed Manson merchandise.