Marilyn Manson reveals what would happen if he and Johnny Depp were in charge of America

Manson didn't vote in 2016 US election "because I’d have had to get up early"

Marilyn Manson has stated that he would only enter politics if Johnny Depp was the US President.

Manson graces the cover of this week’s NME magazine, out nationwide now. You can pick up a copy from any of the places listed here, or subscribe here to have it delivered to your door. Read the full interview with Manson online here.

In his NME interview, Manson was asked whether he would ever follow in the footsteps of Kanye West and declare that he’s running for office. Manson replied: “Only if Johnny Depp is president and I’m the vice-president.”


Asked what their policies would be, Manson said: “Well, we’d set new holidays for sure. Johnny Depp Day, Marilyn Manson Day. I wouldn’t live in the White House… It’s too white and too stupid-looking.”

Manson also spoke about Donald Trump’s Presidency, saying: “It doesn’t worry me any more than any of the other Presidents. The only President I ever voted for was Barack Obama. Just because I thought it was such a unique period in history that I wanted to do it just so that I could say I’d done it. I didn’t really think that my vote would make a difference.”

On why he didn’t vote in the recent US election, Manson said: “Because I’d have had to get up early.”

Elsewhere in the NME interview, Manson has claimed that he initially mistook Justin Bieber for a girl when the pair first met at a bar.


The shock-rocker’s 10th studio album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ is due out on October 6. He’s already released a video for lead single ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live’ and a synth-pop leaning track called ‘KILL4ME’.

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