Watch Johnny Depp have a threesome in Marilyn Manson’s NSFW ‘KILL4ME’ video

Song features on shock-rocker's latest album 'Heaven Upside Down'

Johnny Depp stars in another Marilyn Manson video, this time for the shock-rocker’s track ‘KILL4ME’. Scroll below to watch.

Manson released his 10th album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ in October. Actor Depp previously appeared in his video for ‘SAY10’.

Now Depp teams up with Manson once again for this latest clip, which sees Depp brooding in a mansion before engaging in a threesome with two women, played by models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite.


Watch beneath:

Manson previously told Loudwire about the track:Some might say ‘Would you kill for me?’ is a question. It’s more of a veiled threat than a question. It’s an ultimatum, I think. I don’t like songs to generally ask questions because it seems not as certain as I feel that I am. I like to tell people this is how I feel, and I might want them to ask questions from it, but I’m not gonna ask the question. It’s like a letter, like someone’s gonna respond to it.”

Meanwhile, Manson recently sacked his long-term bandmate Twiggy Ramirez over rape accusations. He has been replaced by Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete.

Ramirez – real name Jeordie White – was recently accused of rape and sexual assault by former partner Jessicka Addams, the singer of riot grrrl band Jack Off Jill. Addams detailed Ramirez’s alleged actions in a Facebook post, characterising their relationship as abusive and describing one instance where Ramirez allegedly raped her while he was on a break from touring.


Ramirez responded to the allegations levelled at him, saying: “I have only recently been made aware of these allegations from over 20 years ago. I do not condone non-consensual sex of any kind. I will be taking some time to spend with my family and focus on maintaining my several years of sobriety. If I have caused anyone pain I apologise and truly regret it.”