Marilyn Manson’s former stylist Love Bailey claims he pulled a gun on her

Bailey alleges she was threatened during a 2011 visit to his house

One of Marilyn Manson‘s former stylists has claimed that he put a gun to her head while she was prepping for a photoshoot with the singer.

Love Bailey’s account of the alleged incident comes days after Manson faced accusations of abuse from actor Evan Rachel Wood and four other women.

According to Bailey, the alleged incident happened when she went to Manson’s house in 2011 to style a photoshoot with him and an unnamed actress.

Bailey, who was 20-years-old at the time, alleges seeing “demonic” paintings throughout the house before she was eventually called into Manson’s bedroom.

“I crawled over the sex-stained sheets that [the actress] and Marilyn had just finished up whatever they were doing,” she said.

“And I looked over to [the actress] and she was black-out wasted,” Bailey alleged. “I don’t know if this was from pills, she was not coherent at all.”

Manson then allegedly proceeded to pull the gun on Bailey when she attempted to check if the actress was OK.

“She was stumbling over, she hurt her knee on the bedside table and Marilyn laughed at her and just let her crawl on the floor,” she said.

“So I ran over to help [her], and as I’m holding [her] and trying to get her balance with her, Marilyn pulls a gun to my head. A big Glock, a metal Glock. Not a toy gun — this was a real gun.”

Bailey, who is a trans woman, went on to claim that Manson said “I don’t like f*****s” and laughed at her as he pointed the gun.

Explaining how Wood’s previous testimony inspired her to detail her own experiences, Bailey added: “These men hold no power over me anymore, and I’m sorry that it took so long to come out about this story. But I’m happy to share my truth.”

Manson is yet to respond to Bailey’s claims but has denied all of Wood’s previous allegations, saying his relationships “have always been entirely consensual”.

“Regardless of how – and why – others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth,” he wrote.

After the allegations were made, the musician was dropped from his record label Loma Vista and removed from the TV projects he was working on, including American Gods and the Creepshow anthology.

Limp Bizkit guitarist branded Manson a “bad guy” this week, having performed in his live band for less than a year in 2008.

Speaking on the Twitch channel Space Zebra, Borland said: “He’s not a great guy and every single thing that people have said about him is fucking true… They are speaking the truth.”

He added that Manson is “amazingly talented’ but stressed he was “fucked up and he needs to be put in check and he needs to get sober and he needs to come to terms with his demons.”

“He is a bad fucking guy.”

Manson has also been condemned by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor after a controversial excerpt from Manson’s 1998 autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell began circulating online.

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