Marina and The Diamonds to go on break and focus on ‘different things’

"I'm gonna take a little break to do some different things," says Marina Diamandis

Marina And The Diamonds are to take a break from music, Marina Diamandis has confirmed.

During a Twitter Q&A under the hashtag #FAQINHELL, Diamandis told her fans, that following her 2015 album ‘FROOT’ and the ensuing ‘Neon Nature’ tour; Marina and the Diamonds would be taking a hiatus from music.

She told one fan that the hiatus was something she “need[s] to do creatively” after spending a year and a half recording and touring the album. She reassured her fans that this wasn’t the end, but that she will be away “for a short while”.


“In terms of taking a break, no, that doesn’t feel weird at all,” Marina said. “I’ve been traveling for a year and a half, and it’s something I need to do creatively.”

She added: “It feels very bittersweet ending this era, because I’ve enjoyed it so much, and it’s been so helpful for me creatively.

“It’s been an absolute dream. I achieved so many things that I’ve been trying to for many years. Now, I’m gonna take a little break to do some different things. I’ve been on the road for seven years. I’ve had an amazing, amazing experience. This isn’t goodbye for good, it’s just for a short while.”

How long Diamandis goes away for remains to be seen. During a previous #FAQINHELL fan chat (see below) she said that she was not desperate to make another album as ‘Froot’ left her feeling “understood as a person and artist”, and she was instead focusing on other ambitions.


‘Froot’ is the third Marina and the Diamonds album and charted at Number 10 following its release last year. The album also became her first top-ten album in the US Billboard Charts. Marina brought her ‘Neon Nature’ tour to the UK in November, and performed two nights at the Roundhouse in London in February.