Marina And The Diamonds post brand new song and video online – watch

You can check out new album teaser track 'Fear And Loathing' on NME.COM

Marina And The Diamonds have posted a brand new track online.

The full song, called a “preview of an album track”, marks the first new material from Marina Diamandis since the release of her debut album, ‘The Family Jewels’, last year.

Placed on YouTube earlier today (August 8), the video is entitled ‘Part One: Fear And Loathing’, with a Part Two to be posted on Marina’s YouTube channel at 4pm (BST) on August 15. Watch the video – which sees an unhappy Marina hacking off her hair in a hotel bathroom – and listen to the song, below.

Text alongside the video reads “ELECTRA HEART: THE START”, possibly giving a clue as to the name of the second Marina And The Diamonds album, for which no release date has yet been given. It goes on to say “‘Electra Heart’ epitomises and embodies the lies, illusions and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self.”