Marina And The Diamonds: ‘I wanted to divorce myself’

The singer opens up about feelings of inadequacy

Marina And The Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis has opened up about the depression she suffered while promoting her 2010 debut album ‘The Family Jewels’.

Overworked, run down, disillusioned with the music industry and disappointed with her record sales, she wrote on her blog “this industry = one, long, fake cringe fest, I feel like diving into a k-hole of Cheetos and beer. I feel like an impostor/try-hard & awkwardly out of place in the world of pop… I wish I was back in my room in 2007 making CDs in peace, not having people say ‘oh you’re not very successful’.”

Looking back on the episode, she has told the Independent:

I just wanted to divorce myself. I was so tired. I’m either on top of the world or I just think everything has gone down the tubes. It’s so easy to pick on the bad things because you’re so nervous about it working out – you want it so badly.

In last week’s NME (Octover 1), a more positive Marina talked about her new character persona Electra Heart, based on Aristotle’s Poetics. “It’s about analysing Greek tragedy,” she said. “And I saw so many parallels between that and Hollywood that I realised old Hollywood is our modern-day mythology, people like Marilyn and Elvis.”

Marina And The Diamonds’ new single ‘Radioactive’ is out now, and her second album ‘Electra Heart’ will be released early in 2012.