Marina And The Diamonds bring ‘The Family Jewels’ tour to London

Singer also snubs fan's spare bed offer for the night

Marina And The Diamonds brought their ‘The Family Jewels’ tour to London tonight (May 19).

The band, really the project of flamboyant frontwoman Marina Diamandis, played an eventful show at the first of two concerts at Bloomsbury Ballroom, which included her trademark cover of 3OH!3‘s ‘Starstrukk’.

Arriving onstage dressed in huge pink glasses, denim hotpants bearing stars and stripes and black sparkly tights, the singer kicked off her set with ‘Girls’ before she performed ’17’ and shouted “Hello diamonds,” to the crowd as she launched into ‘The Outsider’.


She bantered with the crowd throughout her set, particularly when one fan offered her his spare room and she joked: “I have somewhere to stay thanks.”

Diamandis performed alone on piano for album track ‘Numb’ before her band returned for ‘Obsessions’ and she found herself making exchanges with the crowd again.

“I’m melting. I’m wearing velcro and I hate it,” she said, before one fan told her to take it off. “Oh I am so sick of boys saying, ‘Take it off’,” she replied.

In between raising a glass of whiskey to the crowd, hit singles ‘Hollywood’ [watch footage on YouTube below] and ‘I Am Not A Robot’ were the biggest highlights other than closer ‘Mowgli’s Road’, which saw Diamandis don palm tree-shaped shades as she urged the crowd to “cuckoo” along with her to the track.

Marina And The Diamonds played:

‘The Outsider’
‘I Am Not A Robot’
‘Oh No!’
‘Mowgli’s Road’


Earlier, newcomer Spark warmed up for Marina And The Diamonds, performing forthcoming single ‘Shut Out The Moon’.