Marina And The Diamonds: ‘I almost strangled myself at Glastonbury’ – video

Singer says her set almost went horribly wrong

Marina And The Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis has explained how her set at this year’s Glastonbury festival almost saw her strangle herself.

The frontwoman was reflecting on her Saturday (June 27) show on the Queen’s Head Stage in an exclusive video interview with NME.COM, which you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below.

“I almost bashed into my drummer’s kit and almost strangled myself with a wire,” Diamandis revealed. “But apart from that it was great!”


Diamandis added that one other thing she found difficult during her early afternoon set was geeing up the crowd – because people were too sober.

“I’m always frightened that the daytime gigs are gonna be weird cause no-one’s drunk, and I can’t win them over when they’re not drunk!” she said.

Watch the full video interview below, then head to NME.COM Glastonbury 2009 index to relive this year’s festival now.