Marina And The Diamonds to release ‘reflective’ new album ‘Froot’ in April

Diamandis says her new album is 'completely different'

Marina And The Diamonds‘ Marina Diamandis has confirmed that she’ll release her new album ‘Froot’ in April 2015.

Speaking in interview with The Line Of Best Fit, the singer revealed that her third LP will drop on April 6, further describing the record as “reflective”. The album was produced by David Kosten, who has previously worked with Everything Everything and Bat For Lashes.

“As soon as I’d finished the [last] record and ‘Primadonna’ came out and I went onto that treadmill of working promo, I already knew what I wanted to do with my third record,” Diamandis said. “I already knew it was going to be completely different.”


The south Wales-born singer also spoke about her struggles with depression and how this affected her making of the album.

“It was almost like I had been burdened by something my whole life and then suddenly that went away…” she added. “I can’t even describe how amazing it is… you suddenly realise why people are happy and why people enjoy things. I think I used to believe that being depressed was part of my personality or that I was born like that, but it’s quite shocking to realise that perhaps that isn’t the case.”

Diamandis continued: “I think this new album is much more reflective. It’s also centred around extremely different things; half of the album is about a relationship that I had to end. It’s not something I feel good about, and it’s not something I’d really addressed before in my songwriting. In pop music in general it’s always this spurned ex-lover type of thing, but this time it wasn’t that at all. It was more like the guilt that you have to deal with that comes from hurting someone else. It’s just as hard as being rejected or dumped.”

The last studio LP by Diamandis was 2012’s ‘Electra Heart’. Following the release of the album, which debuted at Number One on the UK album charts, Diamandis said that the UK “didn’t get” the record.

Elaborating, she added: “When I first changed [musical direction] people said, ‘She’s sold out’ and they totally didn’t get the humour. It’s a tongue-in-cheek record but it also deals with the truth about love and commercialism and just being a young person, really.”

Diamandis recently released her lead single and new album title-track ‘Froot’, which you can stream beneath.