Marina announces physical zine to accompany new singles

'MARINAZINE' will include essays, artwork, photography, poetry and more

Marina has announced that she is releasing a physical zine to accompany each of her upcoming new singles.

The singer, whose last album ‘Love + Fear’ was released in two parts last year, is expected to return in the coming months with her fifth album (her second since she shed the ‘And The Diamonds’ part of her moniker).

Marina released her new single ‘Man’s World’ earlier this month, and now she’s announced a physical, limited edition zine entitled MARINAZINE.


MARAZINE will include essays, artwork, photography, poetry and more, according to Marina, who tweeted news of the zine on Saturday (November 21). She added that she wants fans to submit their work to feature in the first issue.

Marina began work on her fifth album in January, revealing that to be the case by posting two photos on Instagram with the caption: “Writing songs in Paris”. She has since shared snippets of new songs on her Instagram stories.

In February, she released a standalone single called ‘About Love’, which was composed for the soundtrack of Netflix film To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

Shortly afterwards she announced a brief between-albums tour of the US for April – unofficially christened the ‘Inbetweenie Tour’ – before the dates were shelved due to the coronavirus pandemic.


In August, the musician posted a series of photographs and videos from an idyllic writing session, writing: “GOOD ENERGY! Bursting with sun beams to tell you that I’m close to finishing writing my 5th album in a little corner of paradise.”

There is currently no album title nor release date publicised for Marina’s new record.