Marion announce plans to reform

Original line-up come together for the first time in 11 years

Marion are to reform, singer Jaime Harding has announced.

The bulk of the original line-up, including former members Phil Cunningham, Anthony Grantham and Julian Phillips, are back along with new member and former Haven drummer Jack Mitchell.

This is the first time virtually the full line-up have come together since they split in the late 1990s. Harding and guitarist Cunningham did briefly reform under the band’s name in 2006 with a series of musicians from Bath but it came to an end when Harding had to undergo open heart surgery.


He told the band’s official website

I was in hospital for most of 2007 and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to sing again, which would have been beyond my comprehension.

He added: “I did gradually recover and in 2008 I moved to London. Now Marion are starting the next chapter and we are ready to reclaim the most exciting live group title for good. This original line-up is sounding seriously clever, and Anthony and Jules have filled the gap that was missing in 2006 stunningly making the whole sound complete.”

The band released two albums ‘This World And Body’ and ‘The Program’ in the ’90s and scored two top 40 hits – ‘Let’s All Go Together’ and ‘Time’.

“If you (like me) need that Marion fix of style, glamour and violently beautiful songs, then we should meet soon on a dark night and i will tell you my story,” Harding added. “You can tell all the doubters who listen to todays bland and passionless music I TOLD YOU SO!!!! Marion are tops!!!”