The former American Music Club frontman tells NME.COM that he's a big fan of Aphex Twin and Autechre...

Singer-songwriter and former AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB vocalist MARK EITZEL has told NME.COM of a new found love of electronica, claiming that both AUTECHRE and APHEX TWIN have been a big influence on his forthcoming album, ‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’.

Speaking to NME.COM, Eitzel described Aphex Twin as “incredible”.

He said: “I don’t know if this is pushing the envelope for critical continuance, but Aphex is right up there with Jimi Hendrix for me. The way he transforms sound is just incredible. I’ll never be able to do the things he does, but I listen to his and Autechre‘s records and try to figure out how the hell they made them.”

Recorded on a Mac computer with the use of software like Pro Tools, ‘The Invisible Man’, released on May 22 via Matador, opens with the track ‘The Boy With The Hammer In The Paper Bag’, which Eitzel describes as “my first attempt at disco”.

He continued to comment that he wished he had bought a computer at the beginning of his solo career and that he was having “a lot of fun” learning how to “use and manipulate it”.

Eitzel also told NME.COM that his next album might include “a fabulous disco cover” of Culture Club‘s classic ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ and a rap track featuring the lyrics “My friend’s a male stripper and he don’t look that good/But he has a sense of humour”.