A host of bands pay tribute to the former leader of the acclaimed American Music Club...

Mark Eitzel is being honoured by a host of musicians, including Lambchop, Calexico and IDA, on a 12-track tribute album, titled ‘COME ON BEAUTIFUL – SONGS OF AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB’.

Twelve artists chose their favourite American Music Club songs to record.

The full tracklisting is: ‘Chanel #5’Calexico ‘Blue And Grey Shirt’Chris & Carla ‘This Year’Dakota Suite ‘Hollywood 4-5-92’Paula Frazer ‘What Holds The World Together’Ida ‘Why Won’t You Stay’Lambchop ‘Firefly’Portastatic ‘Last Harbor’Jenny Toomey & Amy Domingues ‘Pale Skinny Girl’Vera Clouzot ‘Fearless’Matt Ward ‘Will You Find Me?’Willard Grant Conspiracy ‘Highway Five’Steve Wynn

The album, released on October 2, will only be available by mail order from Glitterhouse Records. Details on how to order can be found at [url=]