Mark Kozelek insults ‘hillbilly’ audience during Sun Kil Moon gig

Frontman told fans at Hopscotch Festival appearance to "shut the fuck up"

Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek descibed an audience as “fucking hillbillies” and told people to “shut the fuck up” while performing at a music festival in America over the weeend.

The band were playing live at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh as part of this year’s Hopscotch Festival when Kozelek made his comments. Indy Week reports that the singer added “I don’t give a fuck if I get paid or not, I’m gonna walk.”

Kozelek traded insults with the audience before later claiming that his comments were intended as a joke. Below is video footage of graffiti left outside the venue featuring the words “Sun Kil Moon Go Fuck Yourself” posted on Instagram by a fan who attended the gig.


Sun Kil Moon play a one-off London date in December. Kozelek will perform at St John at Hackney Church in the capital on December 3.

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