Mark Lanegan steps up feud with Liam Gallagher: “I could put serious hurt on you”

"I could have then and still could put serious hurt on you"

Mark Lanegan has intensified his feud with Liam Gallagher after claiming the former Oasis star bailed on a fight with him.

Lanegan wrote on Twitter: “Coke addicts are junkies too you fucking tool, the stupidest kind. Still trying to make like you’re hard. i could have then and still could put serious hurt on you. Leave it alone dickhead unless you’re actually ready to finally step up.”

His latest retort comes after Gallagher branded Lanegan an “uptight junkie” following his claim that the Oasis frontman quit the band’s 1996 US tour to avoid a planned fight between the two.

In his new memoir Sing Backwards and Weep, Lanegan says the pair clashed after Gallagher mocked the singer during their tour, shouting “Howling Branches” at him in an apparent bid to ridicule his band Screaming Trees.


Gallagher is then said to have furiously responded and suggested the pair have a physical fight when they were both back in Miami during the tour.

“I detested bullies and refused to put up with them,” Lanegan writes in the book.

“Liam Gallagher was an obvious poser, a playground bully. Like all bullies, he was also a total pussy.”

Describing Liam’s exit from the tour, he claimed: “He had quit and bailed before I could have a go at him before his promised playground battle royale in Miami.”

Responding to the claim, Gallagher tweeted yesterday: “Mark Lannegn [sic] here’s how I saw it I asked you your band’s name I was fucking around and called it something else… you being an upiight [sic] junkie and not having a sense of humour got your grungy little knickers in a twist another bullshitter trying to sell a book.”


Last week, Gallagher also responded after Noel released a previously unheard Oasis song.

The demo of ‘Don’t Stop’ comes from an Oasis soundcheck in Hong Kong, which was recorded “about 15 years ago”.

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