Mark Morrison, sentenced to a year in jail yesterday, will appear in court in London again on Thursday...

Mark Morrison faces another court appearance this week, after receiving a 12-month prison sentence yesterday for using a “double” to serve his community service.

Morrison is due to appear in court tomorrow (Thursday March 26) on a charge of possession of an offensive weapon. There is still a warrant outstanding for him in relation to an incident at a party in Derby over the Christmas period, Derby Magistrate’s Court said today.

On Monday, the ‘Return Of The Mack’ star was also banned from driving for six months and fined ‘1380 after twice being found driving without a full driver’s licence.


Morrison, 25, had been serving a community sentence for his part in a scuffle at a Leicester nightclub in 1994 that ended with the knife death of student Julian Leong. He had served only 42 of the 150 hours at a homeless hostel when he sent his bodyguard instead. The “double”, Gabriel Mafereka, was finally unmasked by newspaper reporters, who tailed the limo that had supposedly delivered the star to the hostel and found the real Mark Morrison at home.

The prison sentence was a re-sentencing for his part in the affray, and not for his community service violations.

Morrison had earlier breached his community sentence and been fined ‘500.

When Morrison was first served the court order, he left the country, flying to Barbados the day before he was supposed to appear in court on January 14. His defence claims he was there for drug rehabilitation. He stayed in the Caribbean until March 16, when he returned to Britain and was arrested at Heathrow Airport.

At his court hearing in London yesterday (Wednesday March 24), Judge Pitchers was told a jail sentence would destroy the singer’s career. But he said the star had shown “arrogant contempt” for the court and had abused his position.