Mark Morrison the jailed 'Return Of The Mac' star, wants to leave his deal with Warners and record under his new Islamic name...

Mark Morrison(pictured) is claimed to be trying to end his deal with Warners, and plans to record under his new Muslim name Abdul Rahman.

The ‘Return Of The Mac’ star, who has been in jail since March for his part in a nightclub fight, is reported in Tuesday’s (October 20) edition of The Sun to have told his lawyers to get him out of the deal whatever the cost.

Morrison evidently converted to Islam in prison. He joined the controversial Muslim group The Nation Of Islam, in June. reports indicate that the decision to leave Warners is because Morrison wants to sever all ties with his past.


Commentators have drawn comparisons with the the 1977 conversion to Islam by pop star Cat Stevens, who now records under the name Yusuf Islam.

Morrison was in and out of trouble with the law before his jail sentence, including pulling an electronic stun gun on a police officer in a west London grocery store in 1996, and also for using a stand-in to serve a community sentence.

Meanwhile, Warners will still release his new album, ‘Best Friend’, which was recorded before the rap star was jailed, in November. It includes contributions from Gary Barlow and Gabrielle.

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