The soul bad boy claims nothing was found...

MARK MORRISON has had his LONDON home raided by police looking for firearms, it has been reported.

According to the website [url=], Morrison’s house in Kensington was raided at 7am this morning (March 1) by police, who spent three hours looking for guns. Morrison said that none were found.

Speaking about the incident, he said: “I had just returned from the recording studio and was in bed when 15 policemen with big black guns burst through the front door. They held me at gunpoint. They said they were looking for firearms and ammunition.

“They have searched every part of the flat and found nothing…These things happen when you have my position and reputation. I’m a businessman not a criminal. I make records and I’m not into that game. I don’t know where they got the tip-off but it was a waste of police time and money.”

Morrison has had more than one brush with the law in recent years. In 1997 he served three months in prison for threatening a policeman with a stungun. He was also given community service for his part in a nightclub brawl in Leicester, which he only partially completed, sending a stand-in to complete the work.