Mark Ronson on Kanye West’s Glastonbury set: ‘It wasn’t one of his best shows’

The DJ/producer says he expected more from the rapper

Mark Ronson has expressed his disappointment with Kanye West‘s Glastonbury performance.

The rapper topped the Pyramid Stage last Saturday night (June 27), performing near two-hour set at Worthy Farm, during which he teamed up with Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon and played tracks from throughout his career, as well as a short cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

West’s appearance polarised opinion among music fans, but Ronson has stated that he expected more.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 on Thursday morning (July 2), the DJ/producer said: “[West] really can put on some of the best shows, I don’t know if that was one of them.”

He added: “People that I spoke to that saw it on TV said it was great. People near where I was standing, and that is a lot of people wearing Kanye T-shirts, were just like, ‘We’ve seen better Kanye West shows.’ That was kind of it.”

“I totally thought it was going to be Jay-Z part two,” he said, referring to the rapper’s 2008 headline appearance, which he kicked off by covering Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’.

Ronson himself performed at Glastonbury last weekend, where he was joined by Grandmaster Flash, Mary J Blige and George Clinton for his rendition of ‘Uptown Funk’.

With the track’s original singer Bruno Mars unavailable, the vocals were taken by ‘No More Drama’ singer Blige and New York hip-hop legend Flash. Introducing final guest Clinton, Ronson credited him as being “the forefather of ‘Uptown Funk'”, saying the song would not exist without him.


Meanwhile, the owner of the “Fuck off Kanye West” flag that Lily Allen confiscated and burned at Glastonbury has criticised the pop star for her actions, saying she had every right to make it.

Allen, who was in attendance at Worthy Farm but didn’t perform, uploaded a series of videos to Instagram showing her stealing and burning a fellow festival-goer’s flag that read “Fuck off Kanye” until it read simply “Kanye”.

After contacting NME, the festival-goer known simply as Aoibheann (who sent a picture of the flag taken before the festival) said she and her friends were “gutted” to discover that their flag had been stolen and explained that it made finding their tent far more difficult late at night.

“It gave us a fright too because we didn’t know if they had robbed anything else so we searched our tents but it was all good,” she added.

Asked how she felt about Allen’s actions, Aoibheann was convinced the pop singer was in the wrong. “I thought it was hilarious until I saw that she’d burned it and gotten all self righteous about it. I don’t care who you are, you have no right to steal my stuff and vandalise it. Get off your high horse and stop nicking things.”

Explaining why she made the flag in the first place, festival fan Aoibheann said it was made as a joke. “We had no intention of taking it to his gig or of even going to his gig. We, along with many others, didn’t feel he represented what Glastonbury is about. And if I want to make a flag saying ‘Fuck off Kanye’ then I have every right to.”