Mark Ronson: ‘Kanye’s a true artist’

Producer praises the victor of recent hip-hop chart battle

Mark Ronson has praised Kanye West’s victory over 50 Cent in the album charts this week, deeming him a “true artist”.

Speaking to NME.COM last night at GQ Magazine’s 50th anniversary party in New York City, Ronson admitted he was astounded at how many records ‘Graduation’ had sold this week compared to 50 Cent’s ‘Curtis’.

“I was absolutely surprised and blown away by how wide the discrepancy has been,” said Ronson. “No one buys album anymore so the fact that Kanye sold 930,000 records in one week, that must have been the most since Norah Jones‘ second album came out. I’m just really happy that every now and then something good can come through and bust it out.”

The producer believes West’s victory was partly down to wider appeal, saying: “I think he appeals to so many more people. He’s the true artist. 50 Cent makes great commercial records but Kanye West is somebody that we’re going to be talking about and listening to his albums in 20 years.”

Meanwhile, Ronson has been busy in the studio with Daniel Merriweather and revealed more about his remix for Bob Dylan.

“I did this remix for Bob Dylan’s retrospective that’s coming out. He approved it which is all I could have hoped for. He said it didn’t suck. You can imagine he’d be quite particular about what he likes so the fact that he didn’t say ‘this sucks’, I should just be happy.”

Ronson also nixed the idea of doing another covers record like his current release ‘Version’.

“I think I’m walking on thin ice. After covering The Smiths and Radiohead and remixing Dylan in one year. I should just quit while I’m ahead.”

–By our New York staff.

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