Mark Ronson smooth talks the crowds at Ibiza Rocks

And reveals that the gig very nearly didn't happen…

Mark Ronson took to the Manumission Bar stage at Ibiza hot spot San Antonio to mark the ongoing line-up for this year’s Ibiza Rocks.

As the crowds began to swarm and swelter in the heat, just before 10pm on July 24, three brass players bounded down the stairs, before Ronson bounded into the spotlight along with rest of his band, who all managed to cram themselves onto the tiny stage.

Kicking off the night with Coldplay instrumental ’God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’, Ronson immediately addressed the swelling crowd, revealing to them that “I can’t believe we’re here. This almost didn’t happen.”

Ronson, who as previously reported was taking a break from remixing []Bob Dylan, was then joined by vocalist Daniel Merriweather for Britney Spears cover ‘Toxic’, before additional guest vocalist Alex Greenwald leapt on stage to sing Radiohead’s ‘Just’ before spectacularly stagediving into the crammed sea of people below and disappearing into the crowd.

“You guys are fucking great by the way,” Ronson declared before starting up the band once again to play Phantom Planet anthem and The OC theme tune ’California’.

Surprisingly the most popular song of the night with the crowd, the fans were still singing the chorus the next evening (July 25) as they spotted the singer making his way through Ibiza’s Old Town for dinner with friends.

The set was peppered with additional tracks from his 2007 record ‘Version’, including ‘Oh My God’, and recent hit ‘Stop Me’, which sparked an a capella singalong from the audience below.

Ronson finally took time to thank New Young Pony Club, who earlier supported.

Ibiza Rocks continues on July 31 with The Enemy and The Harrisons.