Mark Ronson on Amy Winehouse’s legacy: ‘Like Cobain, Lennon, Tupac: it will get bigger’

Winehouse and Ronson collaborated on hit song 'Valerie' in 2007

Mark Ronson has spoken openly about the legacy of Amy Winehouse, who passed away in July 2011 at the age of 27.

Winehouse is the subject of new documentary Amy: The Girl Behind The Name, which is due to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month. Winehouse and Ronson collaborated on hit song ‘Valerie’, a Zutons cover, in 2007.

Speaking to Esquire recently, Ronson suggested that the singer’s legacy will grow even after her death.

“It’s the same thing as Cobain, Lennon, Tupac and those rock’n’roll legends: [Winehouse’s legacy] will get bigger,” the producer is quoted as saying. “It’d be great if she hadn’t had to die. People would still love the music, ‘cos people loved it when she was around. But her passing is going to have an effect.”

Ronson also spoke about breaking through during the 2000s with the likes of Winehouse and Lily Allen, “It was cool to be down with the two most interesting things going on. They captivated the attention of the whole world”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ronson reveals that he signed up to produce a new Gossip record a few years back but that the project ultimately fell through. “I was a fan and I thought Beth [Ditto, singer] was great, even though they didn’t have the songs finished,” Ronson said. “But there was a culmination of this pressure to finish the songs while the studio clock was ticking, and it’s partly my fault because I was late because I was trying to finish off that song for the Olympics, but I ended up getting fired off it. So, now I have to love the material and know that I can do something great with it.”

Admitting that he “had it, then lost it, then got it back again” in terms of popularity over the past decade, Ronson claimed that success in the music industry boils down to taste. “You can have all the skills but if you’re picking horrible songs you’re going to be terrible,” he added. “But taste is subjective – it’s the right taste for the project, whatever that is.”

Ronson released his fourth album ‘Uptown Special’ in January, achieving his first Number One on the UK Albums Chart. Lead single ‘Uptown Funk’, featuring Bruno Mars, recently hit one million sales in the UK alone.