Mark Ronson: ‘Tame Impala collaboration inspired by The Streets’

'Daffodils' appears on new album 'Uptown Special'

Mark Ronson has revealed that he and Kevin Parker of Tame Impala looked toward The Streets for inspiration when working together on new song ‘Daffodils’.

Speaking to NME in a feature for this week’s issue, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, Ronson discusses his many collaborations on the album (Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder among others) as well as why it took him five years to follow up the 2010 album ‘Record Collection’.

Talking about the long wait, Ronson claims that he had time to make the record because he felt nobody was particularly anticipating the release. “It definitely took me a while to get to the point where I knew why I needed to make another record,” he confesses. “Because, first of all, no-one’s checking for the new Mark Ronson solo record, not the public, not my label. I have no problems saying that.”

At one point he became despondant to the point of starting over. “It’s three years after my last album came out. If I have to go out DJing and play the ‘Bang Bang Bang’ intro routine again, I wanna kill myself.’ So I kinda started thinking, what kind of record do I want to make?”

This led to the Number One single ‘Uptown Funk’ as well as working with award-winning author Michael Chabon, who has penned the lyrics on the album.

Speaking about the song ‘Daffodils’, one of three songs on ‘Uptown Special’ featuring Tame Impala frontman Parker on vocals, Ronson says: “I know Kevin really loves that song, and he was really trying to describe the feeling of coming down to Michael Chabon, who is not necessarily a big druggy at all. He just said ‘Listen to this song by The Streets, and I can’t remember what it was, I think it was ‘Blinded By The Lights’, and said that’s what I want it to feel like.”

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‘Uptown Special’ is released on January 19. As reported, Ronson’s soundtrack to new Johnny Depp film Mortdecai is released on the same day and features Miles Kane on the opening track.