Mark Ronson to record track with Katy B for the Olympics

The pair are collaborating for London’s 2012 games

Mark Ronson is said to be recording a new song with dubstep songstress Katy B. The track will be used as the theme song for the Olympic games, as well as appear on Coca Cola’s upcoming television adverts.

The Guardian reports that Ronson has been traveling around the world, taping microphones to the athletes and recording sound clips of their grunts as they train, and will sample them in the track.

Ronson told The Associated Press that table tennis star Darius Knight has a “very unusual grunt”, saying:

Sometimes he uses it to put off his opponents, and sometimes it is a sound of victory – to me it sounded like James Brown, so I knew I would use that.

Other sounds include Russian runner Kseniya Vdovina catching her breath after a sprint and Mexican taekwondo pro Maria Espinoza screaming and grunting while “kicking the crap out of somebody”.

“You have one shot, one song,” Ronson said of the pressures of recording this track. “It has to be great.”

The final product is expected to be released in March.