Validity of claims Mark Ronson was on ‘terrorist hit’ list questioned

'Terror expert' accused of planting evidence of Jewish targets

The validity of newspaper reports claiming the likes of Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson were on a terrorist death list have been questioned after it was claimed a “terrorism expert” was planting comments to back up his stories.

Stories suggesting high profile Jewish targets were been assembled by terror groups appeared on January 7, following the beginning of Israeli military action in the Gaza region.

The Sun initially ran the claims, which were then repeated across the internet, including a story on NME.COM which highlighted the newspaper’s article.

However internet commentary blog – styled as “the private weblog of an online marketing man gone native” – questioned the claims of “terrorist security expert” Glen Jenvey, who was quoted in the original news piece.

According to‘s research the site did not contain any terrorist posts, except for one contribution which they claim links back to the “expert” himself.

“Though the Sun suggests otherwise, the only forum contributor pushing for anything other than a polite letter-writing campaign is posting under the name ‘abuislam‘,” Bloggerheads reports, “and I’m looking at evidence right now that strongly indicates that Glen Jenvey and ‘abislam‘ are one and the same person.” then published details of how Jenvey could be linked to the account.

Following these claims, The Sun took down their original article. Neither they or Jenvey have responded to the claims so far.