Mark Ronson says he’s out of the loop on new Amy Winehouse album

Producer reveals he's 'waiting for the call' from the singer

Mark Ronson has admitted that he is unsure whether Amy Winehouse has started work on her new album, the follow-up to 2006’s ‘Back To Black’.

Ronson, who produced several tracks on ‘Back To Black’, told BBC Newsbeat that he has not had any contact with the singer in recent weeks.

“I’m not sure where it [the album] is,” he said. “I haven’t spoken to Amy in a few weeks, and I haven’t heard anything [saying] that she’s making a record or not.”

Ronson said he still wants to be involved with the album when Winehouse has written more songs.

“I think hopefully when she has ten songs or she’s ready to make a record she’ll call me and we’ll go and start how we did last time,” he declared.

The producer also responded to rumours that he is to work on Elton John’s next album, saying: “I was really flattered that he [John] asked (to work together) so hopefully we will be able to work together. But I hate to talk about anything that premature because, you know, it’s not definite.”