MARK E SMITH of THE FALL failed to turn up at a court appearance in New York...

THE FALL‘s MARK E SMITH(pictured) failed to turn up in court yesterday (Wednesday September 30) in New York, and now faces a warrant for his arrest.

Smith was due in Manhattan Criminal Court in relation to misdemeanour assault and harassment charges from April, when he attacked his girlfriend and keyboardist Julia Nagle.

Smith will be arrested if he does not turn up to a new court appearance on November 4. Smith was represented by a state attorney in the court, but no reason was given as to why he had not arrived in court. Judge Suzanne Mondo ordered Smith to hire his own lawyer as his income was high enough to pay for his own defence.


Smith had to pay $1000 bail and undergo counselling when he first appeared in court in April. Nagle rang police on April 10 saying the Fall singer had attacked her at the Quality Hotel Eastside, during the band’s abortive US tour.

See NME next week for more details on the incident.