Mark Stoermer unveils mind-bending new single ‘The Perennial Legend of Dr Mabuse’

It's suitably mysterious...

Mark Stoermer has unveiled his new single ‘The Perennial Legend of Dr Mabuse’, the latest track to be taken from his forthcoming third solo album. Check it out exclusively below on

The track is the third song to be taken from Stoermer’s ‘Filthy Apes and Lions’, and it’s been accompanied by a suitably mysterious video too.

The visuals for the track are reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, with Stoermer’s vocals being overlaid with black and white mirages of his own face.

It’s also very much in keeping with the over-arching theme of the record as a whole too, which Stoermer described as being influenced by “psychedelic rock-opera”.

He recorded the album during the simultaneous creation of The Killers’ ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’.

In 2016, it was confirmed that Stoermer would no longer tour with The Killers, although he remains as a full-time member.

“We finally had the discussion and he was brave enough to come out with it, that he just doesn’t enjoy it as much as maybe me and Ron do. He really loves making the records, and so that really took a load off of him to tell us that and he was so much better in the studio and his output was great on this record”, Brandon Flowers previously said of his decision.