Marmozets on touring with Muse, Reading & Leeds, and their new album

We catch up with their band ahead as they prepare to drop album No.2

Marmozets are set for a huge comeback in 2017, having just finished work on their new album and being announced among the latest list of names added to the line-up for Reading & Leeds 2017.

The math-rockers’ acclaimed debut ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’ came out in 2014, and they wrapped up the campaign with a run of huge festival shows and by supporting Muse on their intimate ‘Psycho’ tour – before bassist Chris Wolstenholme invited the band around to his house for a ‘sleepover’ and to record some music together.

“At one point we were gonna do some demos at his home studio,” guitarist Jack Bottomley tells NME. “It was one of those things where we couldn’t find the time to fit it in and I think at that point we only had a couple of ideas to mess around with anyway. It may happen in the future. He’s a very nice person!”


Speaking of the experience of touring with the band, Bottomley continued: “It was kind of mind-blowing for us to see everything that goes on at a Muse show, how passionate their crew is and hard they all work was amazing. It was an insight to where a band can go once you’re at the very top. So inspiring to watch live as well. We’d all been fans for years and to just get to hang out with them after a couple of shows was pretty amazing.”

The band recently tweeted to reveal that work on their second album was complete. When asked about the sound of the album, Bottomley told NME: “We’ve always been a band that likes to progress. We’ve all grown as people since our first album, we’ve toured a hell of a lot and had the pleasure of sharing stages with many bands that have inspired us and opened doors to sounds we’ve never heard before.

“Everything is a lot more structured and there’s a clearer vibe on this. All the songs fit nicely together like a jigsaw for this second album – whereas I feel with the first, it was very disjointed in places almost as if all the jigsaw pieces didn’t quiet fit at times. We’re definitely excited about where we’re going.”

Speaking of whether or not the current political situation in the wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s Presidency has influenced them at all, Bottomley replied: “At times it’s hard to get inspired by what’s going on in the world. But there is also a lot of good that pushes against it. For everything bad that happens, good often comes from it as it wakes people up. Most of the songs we write are quite personal to us and what goes on in our own lives generally. It may have been different if the songs where written today, say.”


This year marks a decade of The Marmozets – and Bottomley says 10 years on, the band are ‘closer than ever’.

“We’ve had major ups and and incredible lows over 2016 but we’ve managed to get through it,” he said. “We had a big burst of inspiration after writing a load of below par songs. We were stuck in a rut for a while. The term ‘difficult second album’ definitely became a reality for a while but we’re WAY past that now. Stronger and better than ever.

“We still see ourselves as five kids from the outskirts of Bradford so to think we have a legitimate and as you say dedicated fan base is more than a dream come true.”

As for their upcoming appearance at Reading And Leeds, Jack explained: “It’s such a fun festival to play. When we last played (2015) we played a bunch of festivals round EU, Japan and one in Australia on the same run. Reading and Leeds were the last two and they were the two we looked forward to the most. It always gives back what you put in regarding the shows. The crowds always go off and instantly make you feel like home. Can’t wait to do it all again!

“When I think of R+L, it’s almost like a timeline for the band. We started on the introducing stage, then went on to the pit and the NME/R1 tent then onto the main stage. It’s like we can look back on it and see the progression of the band over the years.”

Reading And Leeds Festival 2017 takes place from 25-27 August over Bank Holiday Weekend. Tickets are on sale now and available here.