Marmozets reveal all on new album and talk up chances of headlining Reading & Leeds

"We've got a lot of love to give!"

Marmozets have revealed that they have finished work on their anticipated second album, and described how festival crowds have been the ultimate test for their new material.

The Yorkshire band, who released new single ‘Play’ earlier this month, were speaking to NME at Leeds Festival when they opened up on their forthcoming record.

“It’s all stuff that we’d written not too long before recording it. We’d written a bunch of stuff in the two year gap we’ve had since playing and everything, and it wasn’t a sense of proving to anyone – it was proving to ourselves I think”, guitarist Jack Bottomley told NME when asked about whether they had a point to prove with the new record.


“The first one went down really well and it gave us huge opportunities to tour the world and go to countries we never thought we’d be able to go to. To come out with a new song and for that to go down so well is a real ‘cool, people are digging where we want to be'”.

And as they continue their ascent up the festival bill, they’ve got a future headline appearance firmly in their sights.

‘That’d be the dream. We’ve got a lot of love to give! It’s why we do what we do”, singer Becca Macintyre said.

Watch our whole video interview with the band above.