Maroon 5: ‘We don’t consider ourselves to be cool’

Band say their track 'Moves Like Jagger' was a 'rebirth' for the band

Maroon 5’s singer Adam Levine has said he doesn’t consider himself to be cool.

Speaking to The Sun, he said that people used to think it wasn’t cool to like Maroon 5, but that their hit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ opened them up to a new audience. He said:

Now it’s OK to like us. For ages it was uncool to like Maroon 5…I don’t think the negative stigma or the guilty pleasure aspect is attached to our band anymore… In my mind, I’m a dork. I’m a nerdy guy and I love music. I don’t consider myself to be cool. I have days of having low self-esteem like the average person.

He added: “We’d gotten complacent but everything changed when we put out ‘…Jagger’. That changed the whole game for us. It introduced us to a younger generation of fans who we connected with. It got everyone up dancing and it proved we were still in the game.”

The band scooped their first UK Number 1 with the single ‘Payphone’ last week (June 24) from their fourth album ‘Overexposed’.

A cover version of ‘Payphone’ also got into the UK charts at Number 9 a week before the original was released.