Martin Shkreli denied early release from prison amid coronavirus concerns

The "pharma-bro" claimed he had found a vaccine for Covid-19

Martin Shkreli has been denied an early release from prison, it has been revealed.

Last month, the notorious “pharma-bro” petitioned to be let out so he could continue the “significant research” he’d be conducting into finding a vaccine for coronavirus.

“Mr. Shkreli has spent countless hours while incarcerated researching disease treatments and possible cures for COVID-19,” his lawyers wrote in the initial request to have his sentence shortened. Shkreli is due to be released from prison in October 2023.


“His current project has been well received. One company is prepared to begin working on clinical trials of Mr. Shkreli’s work within weeks.”

Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli CREDIT: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Now though, TMZ reports that the judge described the new attempt at a shortened sentence to be another example of the “delusional self-aggrandising behaviour” that he often exhibits, while also citing the few number of Covid-19 cases at Shkreli’s prison, and his lack of a pre-existing condition that would make him more likely to catch the virus.

Shkreli is the latest in a number of high-profile stars to petition for an early prison release due to Covid-19. Tekashi 6ix9ine was granted an early release from prison last month after making a request to return home in order to avoid contracting coronavirus while behind bars.

The rapper, real name Daniel Hernandez, was serving a 24-month prison sentence in New York after pleading guilty to nine charges including conspiracy to murder and armed robbery.


R Kelly, however, didn’t have his two requests for an early release granted. The singer’s lawyers argued that it’s an “absolute probability” he “will be infected with this deadly disease,” though the judge rejected the claim on the grounds that there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre, where Kelly is held.

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