Martin Shkreli plays fabled Wu-Tang album ‘Once Upon A Time in Shaolin’ as he discusses fraud conviction

The "Pharma Bro" was found guilty of fraud last week.

Notorious pharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli played snippets of Wu-Tang Clan‘s fabled album ‘Once Upon A Time in Shaolin’ as he discussed his recent fraud conviction in an interview.

The self-described “Pharma Bro”, who was found guilty of three counts of securities fraud last week, reportedly purchased the sole copy of the album in 2015 for an eye-watering $2 million.

But he has now shared a 10-minute snippet from the album as he sat down to discuss his conviction in an interview that was shared on YouTube.


The moment comes at 48 minutes into the video as he discusses how he initially purchased the album. You can watch it below.

“The implication that was written about often in the media was that this was like this big attempt to be beating my chest and saying ‘I’m a rich guy, I bought this thing for $2 million”‘, he is heard to say as the album plays in the background.

“Maybe I occasionally trumped that up, but you know at the end of the day I tried to signify how much hip hop and rap music meant to me. ”

Shkreli has also reportedly purchased the only copy of Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter 5’, and played extracts from the album in a live stream earlier this year.


According to US journalist Alex Pfeiffer, Shkreli purchased the album after the rapper sold his Bugatti and left the CD in there before the new owner sold the record to the shamed pharmaceutical boss.

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