3D's limited-edition compilation of paintings, photographs and computer drawings is only available on the Internet...

ROBERT ‘3D’ DEL NAJA from MASSIVE ATTACK is to publish a charity coffee-table book of his paintings, photographs and computer drawings, with a cover price of $600.

Only 50 copies of the book, titled ‘Fitting In’, which is strictly limited to a print run of 150, will be available to buy through Internet site[url=], and funds raised will go to the Red Cross.

Del Naja told London listings magazine Time Out: “It’s loads of images I’ve been collating for the last five years – travelling, airplanes, hotel rooms, the things you’re surrounded with all the time that are quite subliminal but become quite a big part of your life.”


He said his graffiti artist roots influenced his current work, but when the illicit thrill started to wear off, he was looking for something more: “It was just about writing your name up, pissing on a wall really. I started moving into more abstract stuff, getting away from doing letters and mixing spray cans with other paints and mediums.”

Of the book’s hefty cover price, he added: “I’m not quite sure whether it puts me into that coffee table wank bracket. It’s difficult because obviously the music is the thing for us – I could never quite work out whether I should sell it, keep it, give it away, or chuck it away.”

And Del Naja indicated that the new Massive Attack album is “a way off!” He said: “It’s got a lot of different flavours and it’s starting to find a bit of identity, because we’re getting into the vocals.”

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