The group are disgusted by the "piss poor" state of the UK music industry...

MASSIVE ATTACK have said they don’t want to release any new material at the moment because of the current “piss poor” state of the UK music industry.

Speaking in an interview on the official Massive Attack website, [url=],Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja accused TV and radio of having “dumbed down” since the release of their last album ‘Mezzanine’ in 1998.

He said: “I’m quite happy to be releasing nothing at the moment because music seems so dire. It’s a waste of time releasing singles when no-one’s got anything creative to say and not much better putting albums out. It’s really piss poor out there. TV and radio have all dumbed themselves down over the last three years or so; you look at TV now, it’s so fucking banal it’s stupid.


“There’s so much based around watching human beings doing nothing. We’ve gone off examining people who deserve attention because they’ve achieved something. It reflects in music, it reflects in magazines, in journalism.

“Everything is so cheap now – I’ve tried to keep away from the media for the last six months just because I find it so nauseating. I find it much better to concentrate on what I’m doing in myself rather than look around for inspiration.I’d hate to have to release something right now into that market. I’d hate to see Massive Attack sandwiched between that lot. It just disgusts me. “

Massive Attack’s as-yet-untitled new album is due for release in Summer 2001.

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