The Bristol act were asked personally by the French director...

Massive Attack have recorded the score to the forthcoming LUC BESSON film.

The Bristol act recorded 21 pieces of music to accompany martial arts thriller ’Danny The Dog’ over 11 weeks. The pieces will run chronologically throughout the film.

Massive Attack were asked personally by French producer Besson and director Louis Leterrier to write the soundtrack, reports

The soundtrack to the film, which stars Jet Li, Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman, is released on October 11.

Tracklisting for ‘Danny the Dog’ runs:

’Opening Title’

‘Atta’ Boy’

‘P Is For Piano’

‘Simple Rules’

‘Polaroid Girl’


‘One Thought At A Time’

‘Confused Images’

‘Red Light Means Go’

‘Collar Stays On’

‘You’ve Never Had A Dream’

‘Right Way To Hold A Spoon’

‘Everybody’s Got A Family’

‘Two Rocks & A Cup Of Water’

‘Sweet Is Good’


‘Everything About You Is New’

‘The Dog Obeys’

‘Danny The Dog’

‘I Am Home’

‘The Academy’